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Nathan Wood is a Sydney-based writer, sub-editor, occasional podcaster and even more occasional photographer. He has written for publications around the world, and enjoys the company of publicans near his home in Marrickville.

A regular contributor to Polaroids of Androids, Channel [V], MAX and The Country Music Channel, he has also written for the following publications:

Junkee (Sydney)
The Vine (Melbourne)
ION Magazine (Vancouver)
Girlfriend (Sydney)
The Spill Magazine (Toronto)
K-Zone (Sydney)
Pig River Records (Sydney)
Jim Beam Live (Sydney)

Nathan is also a rep for the tremendously amazing record label Rice Is Nice Records in Sydney. You can find out who some of the killer bands he reps are at their website: riceisnice.net

Contact Nathan:

Email re writing: [email protected]

Email re Rice Is Nice: [email protected]

Twitter: @altcondel

Facebook: facebook.com/nathan.s.wood

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